Step back in time at Mountain Man in Cana Virginia.  Shop for Virginia homemade jelly and jam, whiskey barrels, cypress furniture, windmills, preserves, honey, molasses and more.

At Mtn. Man, our peaches and nectarines come straight out of our orchard to you. We have a great selection of peaches and nectarines to choose from.

Peaches & Nectarines fresh from our orchard.

About Our Orchard:
The life of a peach tree is about ten years. The orchard behind the market has been there since Mtn. Man was a young child.  Mtn. Man has been running the orchard for about 30 years
and is in his third rotation of trees. M.C. Harrell provides many of the trees. 

 Mtn. Man takes care of all his trees by hand. He starts in March with 10-10-10 Rainbow fertilizer. In May, all trees get five pounds of calcium nitrate, also delivered by hand. During the harvest, Mtn. Man sprays no pesticides. He only sprays perservatives on the trees. All of his fertilizer, calcium nitrate and perservative sprays are provided by W.O. Hill

Photos From Our Orchard

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