Step back in time at Mountain Man in Cana Virginia.  Shop for Virginia homemade jelly and jam, whiskey barrels, cypress furniture, windmills, preserves, honey, molasses and more.

Country Ham

Our Ham House

Our Hog Barn
At Mountain Man we have Sugar Cured, Salt Cured, and Fresh Salted Down Country Hams for sale. We also have homemade country sausage, backbones, ribs, tenderloin, salt cured jowls and sidemeat as well as sugar cured sidemeat - all from corn fed hogs that we raise ourselves.

Please note that our cured hams are UNCOOKED and therefore require COOKING.

Current Prices:
Salt Cured Country Ham (14 to 18 lbs) - Starting at $4.29/lb
Sugar Cured Country Ham
(14 to 18 lbs) - Starting at $3.99/lb
Pork Chops - $3.99/lb
Tenderloin- $4.99/lb

Backbone & Ribs - $2.99/lb 

Patties $4.99/lb

Bulk Sausage - $3.99/lb  for orders of 10lbs or more

We are able to ship anywhere in the US via USPS Flat Rate
Large $18.85
Medium $13.60
Small $6.80
Call 276-755-3871 to place your order or stop by our store
We now offer individual ham slices and individual packs of sliced and chunked sidemeat along with our other pork products for shipping.

 Stop by our store in Cana, VA or call 276-755-3871 to place an order and have us ship some to you.

We also have Suncrest Farms Sidemeat, Foothills Sidemeat,
Suncrest Farms Whole Country Ham, Foothills Country Ham, and Suncrest Farms Sliced Country Ham.

Call us at 276-755-3871 and place your order today

Feeding the hogs video - 2012

Short movie showing some of the hogs - click here

Salt Cured Ham
Salt Cured Ham

14 to 18 lbs. - starting at $4.29/Lb.

Sugar Cured Ham
Sugar Cured Ham
14 to 18 lbs. - starting at $3.99/Lb.

Fresh Salted Down Ham
Fresh Salted Down Ham

Sugar Cured Sidemeat

Salt Cured Jowls & Sidemeat


Homemade Country Sausage

Hog Photos - Click Here

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